Daily Repair Serum Rose – Fine Line Collection

$ 50.00

Scientifically-advanced ultra-active plant and algae extracts with amino acids deeply hydrates, oxygenates and supports tissue repair and renewal.

Size: 30ml – 1oz

Skin Type: Combination Skin / Normal Skin (Pitta) / Sensitive Skin (Pitta)

Tissue repair and renewal is accelerated with scientifically-advanced, ultra-active plant and algae extracts, phytoplankton, Ayurvedic herb extracts, and amino acids. Skin is deeply hydrated with sodium hyaluronate and unique carbohydrate complexes. Tests substantiate claims that include significant line and wrinkle reduction, as well as major increases in cellular oxygen and hydration. With more than 33% active ingredients based in structured water infused with highly energized monoatomic elements, the absorption rate is optimized and the benefits are increased beyond what can be stated claims. PH 5.5-5.6, balanced for skin.

Apply to face and neck after exfoliating. Use 1-2 times a day, followed by Anti-age Serum and Fine Line Moisturizer and or the Facial Oil designed for your skin type.


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